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Our filaments offer diversity and capacity to create on-demand formulations allows us to meet requirements of a large pattern of applications and market segments. Impact, rigidity, texture, colors, our filaments will meet all your needs.

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Constant needs for innovation is this market segment are calling for quick prototyping allowed by additive printing and versatile materials compositions offered by ENKY.

Agility and weight reduction are key drivers in car industry.
FDM process is more and more integrated in prototyping phase, up to production in series for.

ENKY fully engages its responsibility in terms of safety, customer satisfaction and social impact, hence respecting operating restriction:

  • Highly technical filaments with guaranteed constant quality
  • Strict respect of customers requirements
  • Fire retardancy
  • Electrically or thermally conductive filaments


The normative requirements of the aeronautical industry and the challenges of lightening aeronautical technical parts are creating today a world of opportunities made possible thanks to the performance of ENKY thermoplastic filaments. In this way, our attention is focused on the conformity of the specifications, the improvement of the material characteristics, the respect of the specificities and a continuity in the quality of manufacture of our filaments.

• High-tech filament compliant with standards

• Drastic compliance with specifications

• Fire resistance

• ESD (electrostatic discharge) filament

• Thermal Conductor

Luxury industry

Quest for perfection, luxury market has a constant need for innovation where 3D printing can bring a significant advantage, through the ease of manufacturing unique structures, endless designs and possibility to easily test many several formulations/materials/textures/colors.

ENKY is your partner to achieve this Consumers are more and more sensitive to physical perception, as well as environmental consciousness, thus a need for prestigious brands to offer a memorable experience to their customers.

  • Colors
  • Texture
  • Aspect
  • Quality perception
  • Bio-sourced


This high level industry, in the same way as aeronautics, need compliance with fire and smoke standards, which our filaments are capable of satisfying.

• High-tech PA PR and MS/PC FR filament

• Drastic compliance with specifications

• Fire resistance

• ESD filament

• Thermal conductor


Additive manufacturing makes it possible to respond to a growing demand in terms of product customization and opens the way to exceeding sporting and technical limits. The constraint becomes a challenge.

• Resistance to abrasion

• Shock resistance

• Anti-bacterial

• Colors

• Hydrophobic


Today more than ever, FDM additive manufacturing makes it possible to meet the technical and human challenges of the medical sector.

Local manufacturing and customization on demand ensure optimal waiting times and a response adapted to the specific needs of each patient.

From tomorrow, the use of 3D printing will be generalized to all medical and paramedical structures.

• Shock resistance

• Anti-bacterial

• Lightness

• Personalization

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