Our skills : Create the thermoplastic filaments of tomorrow

Independent French company, Enky 3d is anchored on its values based on technical and industrial skills, merging several competences like Innovation, social-responsibility, eco-responsibility, formulation, processing, quality control. We do and will develop your needed thermoplastic filaments.

Lab & Research

Formulations fitting perfectly your technical and processing needs.

A highly skilled team of engineers at your service to recommend the most suitable compound for your application:

  • Unique formulations and high quality, high performance and constant raw materials
  • Eco-friendly solutions based on reliable and renewable sources
  • Highly equipped laboratory allowing analysis, de-formulation and alternative sourcing of your existing products
  • Samples available as from low quantities
  • Technical support for your up-scaling process
  • Multiple technologies available: coloration, special effects, reinforcement, wear resistance, conductivity… please contact us for more details
  • Many thermoplastic polymers available

3D Print

A large selection of technical and high performance

Filaments ranging from

2 possible diameters:

1,75mm 2,85mm
Polymer Property
PLA Antimicrobial, compostable
PHBH PHA PHB Biosourced – home compostable – biodegradable
PP Excellent compromise rigidity/impact resistance – fire retardant
PETG Cosmetic aspect -shiny- scratch resistant – impact resistant
SAN Cosmetic aspect – scratch resistant
PET Oxygen barrier – food contact -recyclable
PC Transparent, high module
PC/ABS Cosmetic aspect, good UV resistance
PC/ASA Cosmetic aspect, ultimate UV resistance
PA High stiffness at high temperature (>200°C), cosmetic aspect – self extinguishing grades
PVOH et équivalence biosourcés Water soluble
POK Food contact, High stiffness at high temperature (>200°C), self extinguishing grades alternative to polyamides
Autres polymères Reinforcement, natural or synthetic fibers, mass coloration, special effects…

Our development/innovation teams are at your service for market tendencies, new products developments, trends, enabling your products to meet your customer’s expectations, your targets and strengthen your corporate identity:

On demand color development

Deep black is recognized as a mark of luxury in many applications, but can sometimes be viewed as an all purpose color. Considering Automotive and electronics markets, light colors or soft effects can bring an added value.

Special properties

Depending on the market, a texture can suggest warmness and elegance, or be a cause of quick soiling or lack of refinement.

Opacity: quality perception

The way light is difused by an object changes user’s perception. It can whether give it a light aspect or hide it in its environment.

ENKY 3D printing machines – offer

ENKY 3D printing machines – offer:

  • Cartesian machines
  • Single or dual extrusion machine (option), 1,75 to 2,85mm filament
  • Heated plate with flexible and magnetic bed
  • Active or passive closed filtrated enclosure – can be heated (option)
  • Dimensional accuracy: 6 microns
  • Filaments detection
  • Plates size 300x200x300 for a total printing volume of 18000cm3
  • Automatic focus on z axis
  • LCD screen
  • Printing speed: maximum 300mm/second


Your partner for pre-industrial series


Our qualified technicians and engineers are available to assist you in your developments and prototyping phases.

ENKY FAB allows you to:

  • Evaluate the possibility to print your parts with defined filaments, compatibility of one given material with STL files
  • Create your first prototypes
  • Manufacture your first pre-industrial lots
  • Check each filament composition compatibility with a given type of 3D printer
  • Develop your ENKY printer suiting your project



Enky3dp is commited to create a creative, safe and collaborative future.

Firm believer in development, technology, eco-solutions, we do base our strategy on eco-friendly materials and process.

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