Who are we?

Beyond matter.

Enky3dp is commited to create a creative, safe and collaborative future.

Firm believer in development, technology, eco-solutions, we do base our strategy on eco-friendly materials and process.

Independent French Tech company, Enky 3dp offers a local, family and responsible service, with outstanding level of formulation and processing knowledge.

We are designing, manufacturing & trading the custom thermoplastic filament from tomorow.

Added value


Unmatched capacity to develop unique formulations


Capacity to develop specific filaments for your application, meeting all your regulatory requirements


Eco responsibility


From small lot samples to high quantities


Possibility to rent high quality printers (2 years guarantee)


Hotline technical service 24/24h


High Guaratee Quality (2 years)


Technical informations on hotline 7/7

Our customers

3D printers manufacturers

Industry OEMs

Chemistry companies

Filaments distributors


3D printing developers

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